--with-pkgversion --with-bugurl patch

Gerald Pfeifer gerald@pfeifer.com
Sun Sep 9 17:41:00 GMT 2007

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> This patch implements the --with-pkgversion and --with-bugurl
> configure options

This looks like a very nice addition for packages and distributors of
GCC.  Thanks for implementing this!  

That said, wouldn't it be worthwhile documenting this in 
gcc-4.3/changes.html?  Not everyone, not even packagers, follows our
mailing lists and ChangeLogs so carefully that they might not miss 
this nice enhancement otherwise.

> I removed the text describing copies of bug-reporting instructions in 
> the GCC distribution, and the script support for adding such copies; 
> apart from being inapplicable where bugs are directed elsewhere, this
> is only relevant for the very special case of a user wishing to report
> a bug who has the GCC source but not a network connection.

Agreed on this one, especially since we do have a reference to the
original in our README file at the top-level of our tarballs.

> (Probably we could by now remove the other copies of files from the 
> website that go into releases as well.)

Which ones do you have in mind?  It's mostly the FAQ, which in itself
really isn't all that useful at this point and hasn't for a while, right?

One thing I'll look into now is reducing the FAQ (removing non-FAQ or
obsolete entries that my last cleanup has left there).  If you want to
omit it altogether, no objections from my side.


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