[PATCH][modulo-sched] New target hook to calculate MII

Revital1 Eres ERES@il.ibm.com
Sun Sep 9 16:25:00 GMT 2007


This patch adds new target hook to calculate MII.

I am currently testing it on ppc64 (only C due to recent failure
with mainline on ppc); spu and x86_64; with no regressions so far.

O.K. for mainline once the testing is completed?

:ADDPATCH modulo-sched:


2007-09-09  Trevor Smigiel  <trevor_smigiel@playstation.sony.com>
            Revital Eres  <eres@il.ibm.com>

        * target.h (struct gcc_target.sched): New field: sms_res_mii.
        (struct ddg): Define.
        * target-def.h (TARGET_SCHED_SMS_RES_MII): Define.
        * config/spu/spu.c: Include ddg.h.
        (TARGET_SCHED_SMS_RES_MII): Define.
        (spu_sms_res_mii): New function to calculate mii.
        * modulo-sched (res_MII): Use it.
        * doc/tm.texi: Document TARGET_SCHED_SMS_RES_MII.

(See attached file: patch_sms_target_mii.txt)
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