[PATCH] Add myself to doc/contrib.texi

Revital1 Eres ERES@il.ibm.com
Sun Sep 9 10:24:00 GMT 2007


Following http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2007-09/msg00655.html;
OK for mainline?


2007-09-09  Revital Eres  <eres@il.ibm.com>

        * doc/contrib.texi: Add myself.

Index: doc/contrib.texi
--- doc/contrib.texi    (revision 128023)
+++ doc/contrib.texi    (working copy)
@@ -269,6 +269,9 @@
 own subdirectory and for his work on autoconf.

+Revital Eres for work on PowerPC 750CL port.
 Marc Espie for OpenBSD support.

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