An unreviewed m68k patch

Andreas Schwab
Sat Sep 8 20:04:00 GMT 2007

Roman Zippel <> writes:

> 200x-xx-xx  Roman Zippel <>
> 	* config/m68k/,bne,bgt,blt,bge,ble,bordered,bunordered,
> 	buneq,bunge,bungt,bunle,bunlt,bltgt,beq_rev,bne_rev,bgt_rev,
> 	blt_rev,bge_rev,ble_rev,bordered_rev,bunordered_rev,buneq_rev,
> 	bunge_rev,bungt_rev,bunle_rev,bunlt_rev, bltgt_rev): replace
> 	all fbcc with fjcc.

This is ok.  But please fix the formatting of the changelog entry
(spaces and capitalisation).


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