Enable autoinlining for size at O2

Uros Bizjak ubizjak@gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 11:52:00 GMT 2007

On 9/5/07, Uros Bizjak <ubizjak@gmail.com> wrote:

> > The problem does not reproduce for me (my notebook is SSE3 but for some
> > reason the testcase works just fine in both 32bit and 64bit.  One place
> > that strikes wrong is the aligned access.  Can you please check if the
> > attached patch fix the problem for you and if not how the testcase is
> > failing?
> >
> The problem is in infamous x87 excess precision on ilp32 target. For
> example, in sse3-addsubpd.c, we have a function that directly compares
> two doubles for inequality:

This patch adds -mfpmath=sse to all sse3-* tests that could be
affected by excess x87 precision.

Patch was tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu and is committed to mainline SVN.

2007-09-06  Uros Bizjak  <ubizjak@gmail.com>

	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-addsubpd.c: Add -mfpmath=sse to dg-options.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-addsubps.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-haddpd.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-haddps.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-hsubpd.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-hsubps.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-lddqu.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-movddup.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-movshdup.c: Ditto.
	* gcc.target/i386/sse3-movsldup.c: Ditto.

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