PATCH: PR libjava/32078: Update libtool in classpath

Paolo Bonzini
Thu May 31 09:37:00 GMT 2007

> H.J.> My change in classpath won't work without my libtool.m4 change. I
> H.J.> will check in my libtool.m4 change to enable libjava build again. We
> H.J.> can always back it out later when a better solution is found.
> I'm sympathetic to this but it isn't how GCC development works.
> Unfortunately, I think we have to keep things broken until someone
> reviews the change.  IMO it definitely doesn't qualify as obvious.

No big deal.  Here's the patch to fix it locally.

My apologies for the prolonged breakage, and thanks to Andrew Haley for 
making the problem more clear to me.

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