Your patch broke dump file printing

Daniel Berlin
Fri May 4 14:26:00 GMT 2007

Hi Simon, the following patch:

+2007-04-24  Simon Martin  <>
+       PR diagnostic/25923
+       * tree-pass.h (TDF_DIAGNOSTIC): New dump control to specify that a
+       diagnostic message is being built.
+       * tree-pretty-print.c (dump_generic_node): Only write the formatted text
+       into BUFFER's stream if we are not building a diagnostic message.
+       * toplev.c (default_tree_printer): Pass TDF_DIAGNOSTIC to
+       dump_generic_node.
+       * (toplev.o): Depend on tree-pass.h.

Broke dump file printing.

In particular, it looks like we don't output at the right point.

The PRE dump now looks like this:
Created value  for
Created value  for  vuses: ()
Created value  for
Created value  for  vuses: ()
Created value  for  vuses: ()
Created value  for
Created value  for  vuses: ()
Created value  for
exp_gen[0] := {  }
tmp_gen[0] := {
& 2147483647sc_1(D) (VH.8)  }

Note that the calls to print_generic_expr are getting output *well*
after where they should be.
With your patch reverted, it looks like:
Created value VH.8 for scD.1643_1(D)
Created value VH.9 for *VH.8 vuses: (SMT.4D.1671_5(D))
Created value VH.10 for txq_descD.1640
Created value VH.11 for VH.9.VH.10 vuses: (SMT.4D.1671_5(D))
Created value VH.12 for VH.11[0] vuses: (SMT.4D.1671_5(D))
Created value VH.13 for ed_cmdstsD.1638
Created value VH.14 for VH.12.VH.13 vuses: (SMT.4D.1671_5(D))
Created value VH.15 for VH.14 & 2147483647
exp_gen[0] := {  }
tmp_gen[0] := { sc_1(D) (VH.8)  }avail_out[0] := { sc_1(D) (VH.8)
}exp_gen[2] := { sc_1(D) (VH.8) , *VH.8 (VH.9) , txq_desc (VH.10) ,
VH.9.VH.10 (VH.11) , VH.11[0] (VH.12) , ed_cmdsts (VH.13) ,
VH.12.VH.13 (VH.14) , VH.14 & 2147483647 (VH.15)  }

Which is correct

Your patch makes the dump files worthless for debugging.
Please fix this or revert the patch.


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