patch: sh wrong scheduling description

Kaz Kojima
Wed Mar 28 10:57:00 GMT 2007

Hi Christian,

Christian BRUEL <> wrote:
> the attached patch fixes a scheduling performance issue with nofpu sh 
> models.
> Memory accesses was issuing a d_lock reservation instead of an sh4_load 
> reservation. (Similarly the type for the mac constraints looks mixed up).

The patch looks fine, but please comment on how it has been tested.
Is it regtested on sh-elf?

> 	* config/sh/ (movsi_i): Fix type attribute for r,m and x,< 
> constraints.

"r,m and x,<" part may be a little confusing because they follow
source-destination order which is reverse to the operands order.
Simply "Fix type attribute." would be enough.


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