[patch, testsuite, committed] Clean up gfortran.dg leftover module files.

FX Coudert fxcoudert@gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 21:45:00 GMT 2007

> There are still a lot of module files left over from running  
> gfortran.fortran-torture, since (as Kaveh pointed out) that doesn't  
> recognize dg-final directives.  I've got a patch that adds the  
> directives, but not one for recognizing them yet....

I'm wondering why we don't simply incorporate all these tests in the  
gfortran.dg framework. It's rather easy to do, we just need to add  
the compile tests a { dg-do compile } line, and the execution tests  
both { dg-do run } and { dg-options "-w" }. There are a few special  
cases (the execution tests associated to a .x file), but nothing too  
difficult. We could even move them into subdirectory so we don't mix  

Speaking of which: there's a gfortran.dg/g77 directory, but it looks  
like the tests in it are never actually run when I do "make check- 
gfortran". Is that expected?


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