Treat SEQUENCE specially in mark_jump_label.

Steven Bosscher
Sun Mar 25 22:17:00 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 00:47, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> I've committed the following patch, which fixes a segfault in the
> Blackfin compiler while building libgcc.
> Recently, cfg_layout_finalize has started to call rebuild_jump_labels
> which in turn calls mark_jump_label.  The Blackfin reorg pass uses
> cfg_layout, and mark_jump_label doesn't cope with the SEQUENCE insns we
> generate.
> Bootstrapped and regression tested on i686-linux.  I get one additional
> failure:
> +FAIL: gcc.dg/noncompile/920923-1.c  -O3 -g  (test for excess errors)
> which, from looking at the log, seems to be a dejagnu problem (the
> compiler output appears truncated).

This looks like SEQUENCE abuse to me.  SEQUENCE shouldn't be used
anymore, and effort was made to remove it from the compiler entirely,
see e.g.

You even say in bfin.c that you have to cheat the compiler to make
your SEQUENCE hack work at all:

  /* This is a cheat to avoid emit_insn's special handling of SEQUENCEs.
     Generating a PARALLEL first and changing its code later is the
     easiest way to emit a SEQUENCE insn.  */
  bundle = gen_rtx_PARALLEL (VOIDmode, gen_rtvec (3, slot[0], slot[1], slot[2]));
  emit_insn_before (bundle, slot[0]);
  remove_insn (slot[0]);
  remove_insn (slot[1]);
  remove_insn (slot[2]);
  PUT_CODE (bundle, SEQUENCE);

I see no reason to litter the compiler with code to handle SEQUENCE
again, unless we allow it as a proper citizen again everywhere else,

At the very least you should add a comment in (mark_jump_labels why
this is needed.  Right now it is completely unclear why this is needed
in mark_jump_labels, but not also in init_label_info.  Actually I think
that if this the way we wish to go, then you should add code to handle
SEQUENCE in init_label_info too.

Anyway, I don't like the patch.  Is there really no other way for the
blackfin port to just avoid SEQUENCE completely?


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