[graphite] Added a more stable parser for the condate language

Sebastian Pop sebastian.pop@inria.fr
Thu Mar 22 15:14:00 GMT 2007


Nic just sent me a patch that I committed on the graphite branch
after having also tested it on my mac.  The attached patch implements
a more stable parser than what we had till now, using bison.  One
question that I still have is that now that Zack has removed all the
dependences on bison, whether we still want to have new components
depending on it.  I'm pretty sure to know how to build the tree-cfg
checker conditionally on having bison.

We will also need some documentation written for the tree-cfg checker,
and several tests in the testsuite, for making that component ready for
submission to trunk.


2007-03-20  Nic Volanschi  <nic.volanschi@free.fr>

	* condate.y: New file.
	* tree-match.h (struct patt_info_s): New field sign.
	(struct condate_s): New field msg.
	(normalize_condate, name_condate, add_condate): New.
	(conds[], condate_parse): Made extern.
	* tree-check.c (tree_check_warning): First arg changed to cond;
warning reformatted.
	(tree_check_init): Reset the TREE_VISITED bit on every CFG node.
	(tree_scan): New.
	(tree_check): Process trivial condates.
	(read_delimited_string): Removed.
	(print_cond): Print name and msg.
	(conds[]): Made extern.
	(parse_tree_check_file_once): Rewritten to use the parser in condate.y.
	Processing of option --tree_check_string moved to tree_scan().
	* Makefile.in: Added condate.y
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