[PING] [PATCH/C++/diagnostic] Be extra pedantic about stray semicolons

Dirk Mueller dmueller@suse.de
Thu Mar 22 10:45:00 GMT 2007

On Wednesday, 21. March 2007, Mike Stump wrote:

> I reviewed the testsuite changes, and irrespective of the other
> changes, I think they should be put in.

I agree. I was planning to submit them before the actual patch that changes 
the behaviour.

> Given the largeness of the testsuite fixes, and given most of these
> came from code, I do wonder if we'd be better off with a separate
> switch to turn the error/warning off so people can migrate their code.

No. I don't think there are many real world projects that compile 
with -pedantic, and it seems strange to me that the c++ testsuite (but not 
the C one) is compiled with -pedantic unless other flags are given, but thats 
how it is. The fixes will not be necessary for 99.9% of the users out there. 


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