PATCH: Updated version of x86_64-pc-mingw32 support of gcc.

Paolo Bonzini
Fri Mar 16 13:07:00 GMT 2007

> here is the updated version of my previous patch. Now the problems in 
> explow.c for DARWIN are solved. Some of these patches also eliminate some 
> trailing whitespaces as GNAT wants, therefore sorry about the mess. Also I 
> added the patch for the new pragma command macro_push/macro_pop within 
> this patch, because it is necessary for my to use my headers and crt (an 
> inoffical build, which may is getting merged to MinGW - as I hope). 
> Currently there are two open points for the complete support in gcc. MS 
> passes floating points in XMM and standard register. Currently I pass them 
> just in the standard one. The other open point is, that va-incomings need 
> to copy the register arguments at the stack on to the caller reserved 
> area. But by this version, you are able to build a runtime and translate 
> easy programs (not using va_list).

Can you please put patches inline?  I will then review the build parts.

I suggest that you split explow.c and c-pragma.c into separate patches since
the C and middle-end maintainers will see them more easily (and they seem
pretty much independent of the rest).


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