Thread-safe profiling

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Mar 16 08:40:00 GMT 2007

Michael Matz <> writes:

> Which also makes Honzas suggestion of fixing expand_expr to return 
> (const_int -1) mood.  OTOH this then makes Honzas other suggestion not 
> being a no-op anymore, namely using TYPE_MODE (TREE_TYPE (CALL_EXPR_ARG 
> (exp, 1))) as old_mode for a convert_modes call, at least when the 
> returned value from expand_expr has no mode itself.  Hmm, seems like a 
> hack, though, but seems to work in my quick test.

That seems reasonable to me.

Since we don't have a mode in the CONST_INT, we need to figure out
which mode it was supposed to have.


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