[RFC / Patch] C++/26099 or front-end support to type traits

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@suse.de
Wed Mar 14 00:48:00 GMT 2007

Hi Mark,

>I'm glad to see you working on this.
And I'm very glad to see you interested.

>I agree that the first thing to do is nail down the syntax; details
>about tree codes and such can come later.  (Certainly, tcc_exceptional
>seems like the better of the two alternatives you posted; what exactly
>to do about too many tree codes is something I want to think about
>later, and respond to in the context of Doug's thread, not in this one.)
>I think it would be better to use *exactly* the Microsoft syntax.  At
>some point, someone is going to want Microsoft compatibility in this
>respect, as they have in others.  In practice, it's not likely that the
>C++ committee, or even another compiler vendor, is going to claim
>__is_class for some other purpose.  They also meet Gaby's request for a
>C-compatible syntax.
Agreed, already adjusted my working tree.

>I think you're right that these have to be keywords, and I think your
>implementation looks very sensible.
Many thanks for your support, I'm encouraged to complete the work.


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