PR 30690 - clean up libgfortran/m4 files

FX Coudert
Tue Mar 13 23:34:00 GMT 2007

> It doesn't actually do anything to the files in generated/*
> (checked with "svn diff"), so this should be safe.
> OK for trunk?

OK for trunk.

> What do you think about 4.2?

I was wondering what the current difference between 4.3 and 4.2 was  
for the generated files. For those interested, the answer is:
   * the matmul implementation allowing to call BLAS routines
   * the namespace separation, ie in 4.3 all libgfortran symbols have  
prefix _gfortran_
   * your POW patch (signedness issue)

Given that, I think that (α) your patch should apply cleanly to 4.2  
and (β) it's OK to commit it there.  It will helps us keep this good  
quoting practice! (I was probably guilty of some of the bad quoting,  
since I never understood it really, and I only put 's and `s by trial- 


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