[patch, 4.2, docs, committed] Fix erroneous cross-reference links.

Brooks Moses brooks.moses@codesourcery.com
Mon Mar 12 22:28:00 GMT 2007

Supplying the .info suffix in a filename in a Texinfo cross-reference 
breaks the reference in PDF output; the cross-reference tries to go to 
the nonexistent gcc.info.pdf file or the equivalent.  Although Makeinfo 
produces correct output when the .info suffix is included, it is not 

The attached patch fixes the three of these that are present in the 4.2 
documentation; the invoke.texi and passes.texi ones are also present in 

Tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu, committed as obvious to 4.2 and trunk.

2007-03-12  Brooks Moses  <brooks.moses@codesourcery.com>

	* doc/extend.texi: Fix cpp.info cross-reference.
	* doc/invoke.texi: Fix cpp.info cross-reference.
	* doc/passes.texi: Fix gcc.info cross-reference.


- Brooks
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