Import GCC 4.2.0 PRs

Daniel Berlin
Mon Mar 12 19:29:00 GMT 2007

On 3/12/07, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:
> Here are some GCC 4.2.0 P1s which I think it would be good for GCC to
> have resolved before the release, together with names of people I'd like
> to volunteer to help.  (Naturally, I have no command authority, and I'd
> encourage anyone else who wants to help to pitch in, but I'm trying to
> tap a few likely suspects.)

> * PR 29585 (Berlin) -- This is a crash in alias analysis with anonymous
> namespaces.  I can't imagine that anonymous namespaces have any deep
> implications for aliasing, so I would hope this is an easy fix.

The bug report says that part is fixed, and only a ccp issue remains.
"The testcase in comment #2 works for me on the 4.2 branch now, but the one in
comment #7 fails with ... in tree-ssa-ccp.c"


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