[patch, fortran, committed] Re-document COMPLEX*k syntax quirk.

Brooks Moses brooks.moses@codesourcery.com
Tue Mar 6 09:01:00 GMT 2007

Brooks Moses wrote:
> The attached patch documents the fact that "COMPLEX*k x" declares x to 
> be of kind k/2, not of kind k.  The only rational way to explain this is 
> to say that in a "TYPESPEC*k" declaration, the "k" is a byte size rather 
> than a kind number -- which is, after all, the usual interpretation of 
> that syntax anyway.

Following up on some comments and suggestions that Tobias Burnus made 
regarding that patch, I've committed the following improvements.  Tested 
with "make pdf" and "make info" on i686-pc-linux-gnu; committed to 4.2 
and trunk under blanket approval from Steve Kargl on the .texi stuff, 
and as obvious on the decl.c comment.

2007-03-05  Brooks Moses  <brooks.moses@codesourcery.com>

        * gfortran.texi (Old-style kind specifications): Document
        special handling of old-style kind specifiers for COMPLEX.
        * decl.c (gfc_match_old_kind_spec): Document kind/bytesize
        assumptions for COMPLEX in comment.


- Brooks

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