New Blackfin configurations

Bernd Schmidt
Mon Mar 5 15:01:00 GMT 2007

The current bfin-uclinux target tries to support two kinds of binaries: 
flat, which is a really simple format used on nommu systems, and FD-PIC 
ELF, which is quite similar to normal Linux ELF binaries but works on 
nommu as well.
It's not possible to support both of these well with a single toolchain 
- e.g. you can't really configure libstdc++ or libgcc to build a shared 
library for only one multilib.  Hence we split the toolchain into 
bfin-uclinux (for flat binaries) and bfin-linux-uclibc (for FD-PIC).

This patch, which I've committed as 122552, implements these changes 
which we've had in our local tree for a while now.  I've had some 
trouble with the new toplevel libgcc where parts of the configuration 
seem to be coming from two different toplevel directories (which is 
mildly insane); I'll need to look at this further but at the moment it's 

Also bootstrapped on i686-linux for the config/linux.h change.

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