[PATCH] Do not set BB_SUPERBLOCK in loop-unroll.c:split_edge_and_insert

Paolo Bonzini paolo.bonzini@lu.unisi.ch
Mon Mar 5 09:04:00 GMT 2007

> So now I can stay in cfglayout mode over even fewer passes, until I
> (or, I'd really hope, Ian) will have taught lower-subreg to update the
> CFG in place. Ian has already told me why he needed this, and I hope
> we can find some time to solve the issue in a cleaner way.

Probably, lower-subreg can be modified to use a simpler definition of find_many_sub_basic_blocks, something like "find_eh_edges_in_basic_block", that can be written for cfglayout mode.  I see how this is complicating your work, however. :-(

As soon as I queue out some changes I have for dataflow branch, I'll finish the patch for making combine work in cfglayout mode.  It will only be for df-branch, since it depends on a couple of cleanups I made when I changed combine to work with LUIDs.


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