Add -iframework

Mark Mitchell
Fri Mar 2 05:06:00 GMT 2007

Mike Stump wrote:

> +@item -iframework@var{dir}
> +@opindex iframework
> +Like @option{-F} except the directory is a treated as a system
> +directory.  The main effect is to not warn about constructs contained
> +within header files found via @var{dir}.

"The main difference between this @option{-iframework} and @option{-F}
is that with @option{-iframework} the compiler does not ..."

> +@deftypefn {Target Hook} bool TARGET_HANDLE_C_OPTION (size_t @var{code}, const char *@var{arg}, int @var{value})
> +This target hook is called whenever the user specifies one of the
> +target-specific C language family options described by the @file{.opt}
> +definition files(@pxref{Options}).  It has the opportunity to do some
> +option-specific processing and should return true if the option is
> +valid.  The default definition does nothing but return true.

Why is that the default?  Shouldn't the default be to return false, as
the Darwin hook does for all options except -iframework?  In fact, the
default *does* return false.

> +This option is useful when option processing calls routines only
> +available for the C language family.
> +See @code{TARGET_HANDLE_OPTION} above for more information.
> +@end deftypefn

"In general, you should use @some-kind-of-xref{TARGET_HANDLE_OPTION} to
handle options.  However, if processing an option requires routines that
are only available in the C (and related language) front ends, then you
should use @code{TARGET_HANDLE_C_OPTION} instead."

OK with those changes, assuming no objections from C maintainers in 48

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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