Reduce Dwarf Debug Size

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Mar 1 21:38:00 GMT 2007

"Devang Patel" <> writes:

> > Do you have a link to the submission to gcc-patches?
> Patch received immediate "no" for reasons unrelated
> to debug info and later on discussion centered on
> documentation issues and its use of PCH for header
> validation.  May be patch lost traction because it was
> foucsing STABS.

Getting a significant patch like that into gcc requires an extensive
period of give-and-take.  That is true for all of us (except the
global write maintainers).  I've been working for over two months on
-fstrict-overflow and -Wstrict-overflow.  Take to Richard Guenther
some time about leafify, or to Steven Bosscher about just about
anything he tackles.  That's just the way it goes.

I don't know of another approach which can work if we take our
distributed development model as a given.  We can't force everybody
into one room to hash out the issues.  We don't have a manager forcing
things to get done.  Instead, people need to advocate the patch and
keep changing it to respond to comments and keep pushing to get it in.

This development approach does work, more or less, but seems far from
optimal.  I don't have any ideas about how to improve it at this


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