[patch] PR32901: handle assignment...(and PR34465 and PR34448)

Diego Novillo dnovillo@google.com
Wed Dec 19 11:57:00 GMT 2007

On 12/14/07 16:25, Aldy Hernandez wrote:

> Also... in a subsequent patch we should really look into merging
> consecutive initializations of aggregate fields-- sometime before
> expand.  Jakub has suggested TER.  I volunteer to do the work once I'm
> done with this.

Any reason why you couldn't do this directly in the gimplifier?  Instead 
of emitting the separate field assignments, just emit a single 
CONSTRUCTOR assignment.  You already have the DECL_INITIAL constructor 
after all.  I haven't thought it through, so the suggestion may be nonsense.

> @@ -3119,11 +3119,18 @@ gimplify_init_ctor_eval (tree object, VE
>     Note that we still need to clear any elements that don't have explicit
>     initializers, so if not all elements are initialized we keep the
> -   original MODIFY_EXPR, we just remove all of the constructor elements.  */
> +   original MODIFY_EXPR, we just remove all of the constructor elements.
> +
> +   If NOTIFY_TEMP_CREATION is true, do not gimplify, just return
> +   GS_ERROR if we would have to create a temporary when gimplifying
> +   this constructor.  Otherwise, return GS_OK.
> +
> +   If NOTIFY_TEMP_CREATION is false, just do the gimplification.  */

Hmm, I don't much like this part.  This function is supposed to just 
gimplify the constructor.  The tests for NOTIFY_TEMP_CREATION are simple 
enough to be hoisted into a single predicate for 
gimplify_modify_expr_rhs to use.

Otherwise, this one function grows in complexity and it already is a bit 

> +	    tree old_from = *from_p;
> +
> +	    /* Move the constructor into the RHS.  */
> +	    *from_p = unshare_expr (DECL_INITIAL (*from_p));

As Jakub suggested, this unsharing is better done after the check.

OK with that refactoring.


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