[Patch, Fortran] PR 34495 - Add -std=f95/f2003 diagnostics for real/float ...

Manfred Schwarb manfred99@gmx.ch
Mon Dec 17 09:01:00 GMT 2007


> Additionally, FLOAT and SNGL were marked as GFC_STD_F77, they are G77
> extensions and should thus be marked as GFC_STD_GNU.

FLOAT and SNGL are very much standard Fortran77, they are mentioned
in every single fortran77 textbook I have. Additionally, they are
correctly listed in the g77 manual 
[listed as "Intrinsic groups: (standard FORTRAN 77)"].

Fortran has the concept of "Generic Names" and "Specific Names" 
for intrinsics.
For this case, REAL is the generic name, and REAL, FLOAT and SNGL
are the corresponding specific names.

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