[patch] darwin x86_64 libjava

Andreas Tobler andreast-list@fgznet.ch
Tue Dec 11 21:46:00 GMT 2007

Jack Howarth wrote:
> Andreas,
>    Any idea why we have so many more failures in the gcc
> section of the testsuite (104 failures) on i686-apple-darwin9 with -m64
> compared to x86_64.apple.darwin9 (19 failures)?
>         Jack

At the moment I do not care. Apple does also not care about my problems.

I have to revert back to Tiger since Leopard is unstable enough for me. 
I need a 24h/7day machine not a 'maybe it works, else you have to reboot'.

Probably I can attack some issues during my unpaid holidays.


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