[patch] stray semi-colons in libstdc++ testsuite

Jonathan Wakely jwakely.gcc@gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 20:12:00 GMT 2007

On 10/12/2007, Dirk Mueller <mueller@kde.org> wrote:
> On Sunday 09 December 2007, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> > Although GCC accepts it without warning in all modes,
> -pedantic rejects it

So it does. I could have sworn I tested that, but obviously not.
Weird. Thanks, Dirk.

> > it's not legal
> > to have a semi-colon after a namespace declaration in C++03.
> so it should be added to -Wc++-0x-compat ? any other places where stray
> semicolons are now rejected?

No, sorry for the confusion, I shouldn't have implied that. As Doug
pointed out, this hasn't chagned in C++0x.


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