[Patch, fortran] PR31487 - Character array initialization in derived type: bad zero padding

Jerry DeLisle jvdelisle@verizon.net
Sat Dec 8 19:38:00 GMT 2007

Paul Richard Thomas wrote:
> :ADDPATCH fortran:
> This one is trivial - the default initializer needs to be padded out
> in the same way as other initializers, which is what this patch does.
> Adding a specific function to do the job did not obviously reduce the
> amount of code, so I left the patch as it is.  The testcase is a
> reduced version of the reporter's.
> Bootstrapped and regtested on x86_ia64/fc5 - OK for trunk?
> Is testing right now on tonto and  cp2k.
> Paul
> PS Dominique, thanks for breaking your tree with the first version!
Good, OK Paul, assuming no breakage on the real codes.  :)

Thanks again!


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