Joel Sherrill
Thu Dec 6 16:19:00 GMT 2007


Attached is a patch against 4.2.2 and the SVN
trunk which updates the RTEMS target.  Overall,
it does the following:

+ Adds stack checking for RTEMS
+ Adds GNAT socket support for RTEMS
+ Adds a shared hardware interrupt implementation
  based upon the VxWorks code.  Both VxWorks and
  RTEMS were updated to share this code.

ACATS ran very well on 4.2.2 targeting the PowerPC
with only 3 failures which were not RTEMS related.
On the SVN trunk, there were lots of failures but
they all appeared to be overflow, range checking, etc.
I did not see any which appeared to hint at an
RTEMS specific tasking issue.

The gnat1 huge compile time is obvious which running
ACATS.  It was about 80 minutes for 4.2.2 and about 911
minutes (yes 15 hours!!) for the SVN trunk.

I verified the RTEMS hardware interrupt support on a
SPARC target but did not run the full ACATS on that
target. I did earlier and it did good as well.  I can
NOT compile or test the VxWorks modifications but did
them per Arnaud's earlier request.

FWIW I didn't want to include 0 in the valid priority
range for RTEMS but it is used in the initialization
of Current_Priority.  I know it isn't a big deal but why
the hard-coded number which might be out of range?

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