[libgfortran,committed] Silence a few warnings on mingw32

Kaveh R. GHAZI ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu
Wed Dec 5 04:00:00 GMT 2007

On Sun, 2 Dec 2007, FX Coudert wrote:

> > Shouldn't these rather use the ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED (as per ansidecl.h) ?
> I'm not sure. libgfortran consistently uses the __attribute__ form,
> and never uses the macro.
> FX

The ATTRIBUTE_* form is a helper macro for host/build modules that may not
be compiled with gcc (or a sufficiently recent version of it) in stage1.

For target libraries, where we always use the just-built gcc to compile,
it should be okay to use the __attribute__ form.  Although, I would use
"__unused__", not "unused" to avoid namespace problems.

Kaveh R. Ghazi			ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu

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