Stricter invalid_e500_subreg (with jump.c:true_regnum fix)

Joseph S. Myers
Wed Nov 29 12:42:00 GMT 2006

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, David Edelsohn wrote:

> 	I'm bothered about having to call invalid_e500_subreg() on common
> paths like gpc_reg_operand() and gen_insv().  You need to figure out a way
> to protect those calls so that e500 does not slow down compilation on all
> standard PowerPC architectures.

How about using ((TARGET_E500_DOUBLE || TARGET_SPE) && invalid_e500_subreg 
(op, mode)) then?  (Both TARGET_E500_DOUBLE and TARGET_SPE being defined 
to 0 by default.)

Joseph S. Myers

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