[4.3] making a few real functions work with dfp

Manuel López-Ibáñez lopezibanez@gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 10:03:00 GMT 2006

On 28/11/06, Ben Elliston <bje@au1.ibm.com> wrote:
> > This patch makes exact_real_truncate() and real_isinteger() handle
> > dfp values correctly. In order to do so, it adds a
> > decimal_normalize() function that normalizes a decimal floating
> > point number.
> Why are you normalising the decimal float values?  The IEEE 754R draft
> standard specifically states that decimal float values are not
> normalised by design.  1.0 and 1.00 are both distinctly representable.

Because otherwise exact_real_truncate and real_isinteger don't work.

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