Path ping...

Jan Hubicka
Sun Nov 26 18:25:00 GMT 2006

following patches seems to've got stuck in reviewing.  It would be great
if someone could take a look at them ;)

Random stuff:
   Limit stack usage growth caused by inliner
   Add statistics to bitmaps
   While Daniel, perhaps correctly, complained on usefulness of the
   code counting number of trips over the linked lists, there was few
   scenarios, where this patch has proved to be useful to figure out
   where the memory is going (especially after the fwprob merging).
   I can prepare stripped down patch not measuring the list walking
   overhead at all.

Memcpy stuff:
 Rewrite i386 string operation expansion
 More memcpy folding
 Pass info about hotness of instruction to RTL expanders
 Infrastructure for passing memcpy/memset profiles to backend

I would like to proceed with the histograms being discussed with Paolo,
the i386 backend stuff and symmetric folding changes to memset as I did
for memcpy.


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