Out Of SSA Rewrite - The New Coalescer patch 5/5

Andrew MacLeod amacleod@redhat.com
Tue Nov 21 19:10:00 GMT 2006

This is the big one. This patch restructures the out of ssa pass and
implements the slower parts faster. 

The original plan was to abandon the conflict graph completely, but with
the change to maintaining BB based live-on-entry data, that became more
difficult. Instead, the amount of things kept in the conflict graph has
been reduced to a minimum, and the only remaining slowdown I have seen
from large conflict graphs (390,000 live variables) will eventually be
addressed by the ssa_name pressure reduction code. Even in this case,
there is significant reduction in time.

The motivation for the rewrite was twofold. I needed some restructuring
in order to move forward with my longer term plan of combining out of
ssa and expand, as well as the shorter term ssa-name pressure reduction
optimizations.  The other factor was to address some of the performance
issues on the larger testcase.  While doing this, I removed a lot of the
extraneous crud that was leftover from previous work which was no longer
needed.  The reslut should be much more readable.

So what exactly is different?  The coalescing code has been split out to
tree-ssa-coalesce.c.  the original abstract implementation was based on
a TPA data structure which stood for Tree Partition Associator. It
allowed the coalescing code to be shared, and both ssa-name could be
coalesced, as well as non-ssa names when -fcombine-temps was being used.
THat flag has been removed, and so has all the TPA_ data structure.  

There also use ot be a root_var structure which was used to determine
what ssa versions were associated with any given VAR_DECL.  This data
structure has been removed, and any required equivalent functionality
placed directly in the var_map structure. 

I have also removed the -ftree-no-lrs option. This option disabled the
live range splitting out of ssa does.  It was actually more work to not
do the splitting, and the required additional code that polluted the
code base. That also helps clean things up somewhat.

In vary large functions, the sorted list of coalesceable pairs was still
causing some time issues. It turns out that something like 50% of all
coalescable pairs have a cost of 1. So there is a minor tweak in that
any "cost one" pair is simply stuck in a "cost one" list, and pulled
when needed. This made a noticeable difference on a couple of large

The conflict graph in conflict.c that I was reusing had some issues when
very large graphs were created. it is hash based, and when I had 390,000
interferences, no small amount of time was spent in the hash functions.
I implemented a custom interference graph for out of ssa using bitmaps
which runs faster.

Building the interference graph has been streamlined quite a bit as
well, and a special data structure for tracking what versions of base
variables are live (called live_track) help add conflicts more
efficiently without nearly as many bitmap examinations/traversals.

The mechanism for dealing with abnormal coalesces was combined with
normal coalesces by introducing a MUST_COALESCE_COST.  These are
max-cost pairs which if they don't coalesce, trigger an error.  This
helped clean code up as well.

The old var_map compaction mechanism was a little obscure, so it has
been replaced with a clearer partition_view set of routines. It amounts
to the same thing, but easily allows different views of the same data.

Thats most of it. This has been bootstrapped and regression tested on


	* common.opt (-ftree-lrs): Remove live range splitting option.
	* makefile.in: Add tree-ssa-coalesce.o and reduce header dependancies.
	* opts.c (decode_options): Remove flag_tree_live_range_split.
	* tree-flow.h (struct var_ann_d): Rename fields from root_ to base_.
	* tree-flow-inline.h (single_imm_use_p): New.  Check for single use.
	* tree-outof-ssa.c: Remove header files which aren't needed.
	(SSANORM_*): Remove flags.
	(print_exprs_edge, coalesce_abnormal_edges, coalesce_phi_operands, 
	coalesce_result_decls_and_copies, coalesce_asm_operands): Remove.
	(coalesce_ssa_name): Move to tree-ssa-coalesce.c.
	(assign_vars): Use Basevar instead of root_var structure.
	(replace_def_variable): Dont do anything if def is replaceable.
	(remove_ssa_form): Integrate functional changes.
	(rewrite_out_of_ssa): Remove live-range_split option.
	* tree-ssa-coalesce.c: New File for ssa-name coalescing.
	(coalesce_cost): Calculate the cost of a coalesce.
	(coalesce_cost_bb): Calculate the coalesce cost within a BB.
	(coalesce_cost_edge): Calculate the coalesce cost on an edge.
	(pop_cost_one_pair): Remove the best coalesce with cost 1 from the list.
	(pop_best_coalesce): Remove the best coalesce from the list.
	(coalesce_pair_map_hash): Calculate coalesce pair hash.
	(coalesce_pair_map_eq): Compare 2 coalesce pairs for hash function.
	(create_coalesce_list): Create a coalesce list object.
	(delete_coalesce_list): Free a coalesce list object.
	(find_coalesce_pair): Find matching pair in the coalesce list.
	(add_cost_one_coalesce): Add a coalesce to the "cost one" list.
	(add_coalesce): Add a coalesce to the coalesce list.
	(compare_pairs): Comparision function to determine pair sorted order.
	(num_coalesce_pairs): Number of coalesced pairs.
	(first_coalesce_pair, end_coalesce_pair_p, next_coalesce_pair):
	Coalesce pair iterator functions.
	(sort_coalesce_list): Sort coalesce pairs in order of expense.
	(dump_coalesce_list): Show coalesce list.
	(ssa_conflicts_new): Create an SSA conflict graph.
	(ssa_conflicts_delete): Delete an SSA conflict graph.
	(ssa_conflicts_test_p): Test for conflicts.
	(ssa_conflicts_add_one): Add a single conflict.
	(ssa_conflicts_add): Add a conflict pair.
	(ssa_conflicts_merge): Merge conflicts.
	(struct live_track_d): Struct for tracking live partitions.
	(new_live_track): Create new live_track object.
	(delete_live_track): Delete a live_track object.
	(live_track_remove_partition): Remove a partition from the live list.
	(live_track_add_partition): Add a partition from the live list.
	(live_track_clear_var): Take VAR from the live list.
	(live_track_live_p): Is var live?
	(live_track_process_use): Make var come alive.
	(live_track_process_def): Make var go dead, add conflicts.
	(live_track_init): Initialize to a live on exit set.
	(live_track_clear_base_vars): Clear live partitions.
	(build_ssa_conflict_graph): Build a conflict graph.
	(print_exprs): Common debug output routine.
	(abnormal_corrupt): Output info about a failed coalesce across an
	abnormal edge.
	(fail_abnormal_edge_coalesce): Output info about a failed MUST_COALESCE.
	(create_outofssa_var_map): Create a var map and coalesce list.
	(attempt_coalesce): Coalesce a pair.
	(coalesce_partitions): Coalesce all pairs in a coalesce list.
	(coalesce_ssa_name): Entry point.  Determine what ssa_names to coalesce.
	* tree-ssa-live.c: Remove header files which aren't needed.
	(var_map_base_init): New.  Initialize a basevar list.
	(var_map_base_fini): New.  Finish a basevar list.
	(init_var_map): Initialize new fields.
	(delete_var_map): Free new fields.
	(var_union): Use renamed fields.
	(compact_var_map): Remove.
	(partition_to_view_init): Use renamed fields, change order of an if.
	(partition_view_fini): Use renamed fields.
	(partition_view_normal): Create basevar list if requested.
	(partition_view_bitmap): Create a view based on a bitmap of partitions.
	(change_partition_var): Use renamed fields.
	(create_ssa_var_map): Remove.
	(tpa_init, tpa_remove_partition, tpa_delete, tpa_compact,
	root_var_init): Remove.
	(partition_pair_map_hash, partition_pair_map_eq, create_coalesce_list,
	delete_coalesce_list, find_partition_pair, coalesce_cost, add_coalesce,
	compare_pairs, num_coalesce_pairs, first_partition_pair,
	end_partition_pair_p, next_partition_pair, sort_coalesce_list,
	pop_best_coalesce, add_conflicts_if_valid, set_if_valid,
	build_tree_conflict_graph, coalesce_tpa_members, dump_coalesce_list,
	tpa_dump): Moved to tree-ssa-coalesce.c and/or renamed there.
	(dump_var_map): Use renamed fields.
	* tree-ssa-live.h (struct  _var_map): Modify fields.
	(partition_to_var, version_to_var, var_to_partition): Use renamed 
	(basevar_index): New.  Index of the base variable of a partition.
	(num_basevars): New.  Number of unique base variables in partition map.
	(register_ssa_partition): Use renamed fields.
	(struct tree_partition_associator_d): Remove.
	(tpa_num_trees, tpa_tree, tpa_first_partition, tpa_next_partition,
	tpa_find_tree, tpa_decompact, root_var_init, root_var_num,
	root_var, root_var_first_partition, root_var_next_partition,
	root_var_dump, root_var_delete, root_var_remove_partition, 
	root_var_find, root_var_compact, root_var_decompact): Remove.
	(struct partition_pair, struct coalesce_list_d): Moved to 
	* tree-ssa-ter.c: Remove header files which aren't needed.

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