[PATCH] Fix bootstrap (PR rtl-opt/29879)

Laurent GUERBY laurent@guerby.net
Mon Nov 20 21:47:00 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 16:44 -0500, Richard Kenner wrote:
> > Agreed.  We don't need special rules here.  This is just common sense. 
> > Checking in a major patch that is more than a few hours old without 
> > doing another full bootstrap/test cycle is simply not acceptable.
> We have to be careful here.  Not all GCC developers have access to fast
> enough machines that a full bootstrap/test cycle can be done within "a few
> hours".  For some people, it's still a "start the run, go to sleep, and check
> the results in the morning" situation.  I don't think it benefits the GCC
> project to exclude those people from contributing.

This is no longer an argument with the GCC compile farm:


How to Get Involved ?
If you are a GCC developer and want access to the compileFarm for GCC
development and testing, or if you are a free software developer wishing
to set up automated testing of a piece of free software with the current
GCC development version (preferably with a test suite), please send 

     1. your ssh public key (HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys format) *in
        attachment* and not inline in the email and 
     2. your prefered UNIX login 

to laurent at guerby dot net.


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