Vectorization of strided access and bootstrap failure problem

Ira Rosen
Mon Nov 20 12:25:00 GMT 2006

"François-Xavier Coudert" <> wrote on 20/11/2006

> > However, with current mainline, and with this patch bootstrap *with
> > vectorization enabled* fails on x86. It seems to me that this is the
> > failure we've had for a while on mainline on ppc-linux, as reported in
> > pr28752, which has nothing to do with this patch (probably just exposed
> > it).
> >
> > I'm thinking, if no objection (within, say, 48 hours), to commit the
> > despite the above, while I continue to try to track down the cause of
> > bootstrap failure with vectorization enabled.
> Did your regular bootstrap (i.e. without vectorization) include
> Fortran?

Yes, it did.


> If not, then I would like to suggest you bootstrap with
> Fortran enabled, because the Fortran runtime library (libgfortran)
> compiles a few files with vectorization. We've had a few regressions
> due to that already, and we could do without another.
> Thanks,
> FX

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