[PATCH]: fix the --with-mpfr-dir=PATH configure flag

Philippe Schaffnit P.Schaffnit@access.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Nov 20 08:51:00 GMT 2006


I'm not adding anything new to this thread, but I gathered you wanted to
gather some feedback on it...

I'm extensively using the "--with-mpfr=" "--with-gmp=" (I often build
gfortran on machines on which I do not have administrator's privileges),
so I do see some use for these ones, I cannot comment on the '*-lib'
though (as already pointed, 'make install' seems a small price to



Mark Mitchell wrote:
> Matt Fago wrote:
> > As background, the current GCC configure script set to use the installed
> > versions of GMP/MPFR is also IMHO very fragile and does not support
> > installations on x86_64 Linux or other multilib OS's unless the library
> > is installed in PATH/lib, with the headers in PATH/include.
> I certainly agree that Kaveh's other patch (for --with-gmp-lib, etc.),
> or some equivalent, is necessary.  I'm not perturbed by that at all; I'm
> only worried about the --with-*-dir options that look inside build
> directories.
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