[PATCH]: fix the --with-mpfr-dir=PATH configure flag

Tim Prince timothyprince@sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 20 04:25:00 GMT 2006

Kaveh R. GHAZI wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> I'm cc'ing the fortran list since they have the most experience with mpfr
> and usage in previous GCC releases.  I'd like their opinion on how often
> this configure flag is used so we can achieve the consensus you seek.
> (Bear in mind I'm initiating this patch based on a bug report from a user,
> so it's not just a gcc developer issue.)

I wouldn't use the --with-mpfr-dir switch, unless I were building on a 
machine where I didn't have rights to modify the installation.  I used 
to be in that situation with HPUX and Solaris, but there is simply no 
way I could work with a cygwin or linux installation where I can't have 
the privilege to update mpfr.
Recently, cygwin adopted an up-to-date gmp.  The automated installation 
of that broke the configuration for building gcc, but repeating 
installation of current mpfr with --enable-shared corrected it.  As I 
have no reason to want the cygwin version of mpfr, over-writing it is 
I don't suppose we would have any more influence in persuading cygwin to 
adopt the necessary mpfr than in adopting gcc-4.1.
I'm not particularly in favor of doing it differently for 4.1 and more 
recent versions.

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