[Patch, fortran] PR29642 - Fortran 2003: VALUE Attribute (pass by value)

Tobias Burnus burnus@net-b.de
Sat Nov 18 11:02:00 GMT 2006


FX Coudert wrote:
>>>> +     if ((a%x /= b%x) .or. (a%c /= b%c)) dtne = .TRUE.
>> Please replace the real/complex tests by something like
>>     abs(a%x-b%x) > epsilon(a%x)
>> etc. Here it accidentally works, though.
> I have to say that I differ here. There's no arithmetic done on the
> variables here, so the values should really be exactly the same, and a
> simple /= operator is, IMHO, sufficient.
I agree that with no arithmetic they should be the same. Thus for
value_1.f90 leaving the /= is ok with me.

But for value_4.f90/value_4.c, where arithmetics are used, I had to use
abs() > epsilon() in order to get no abort.
[Except for the integer case where changing 3.0 to 3 was enough.]


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