darwin7.9.0 - darwin8 support for mainline

Mike Stump mrs@apple.com
Thu Nov 16 19:27:00 GMT 2006

This patch enables darwin7.9.0 to build and test again.  Geoff,  
please put support for features that are only supported in darwin9 in  
darwin9.[ch] or autoconf them.  This patch will run dsymutil if - 
gdwarf-2 is given explicitly.  If someone wants to do that on systems  
before darwin9, they will need to find some way to run it.  rsh to a  
darwin9 system might be one way, cross building on a darwin9 system  
with SDK support might be another way.

I've not tested darwin8 or darwin9 with this patch yet, after I  
tested at least darwin9 and x86 functionality, I'll check it in.   
I've posted testsuite results with this patch on darwin7.9.0 to the  
results list.

I've also included one obvious make -j3 bug I found while building.

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