PR/29798, def forward propagated even though it does not dominate use

Paolo Bonzini
Tue Nov 14 09:34:00 GMT 2006

> Re: Andrew Pinski's comments, although it would be nice to have a
> non-floating point testcase, I don't think its an issue in this
> case;
In fact, the test passed even with 3.0 in the test.  I changed it to 2.0 
for "paranoia" and, as Geert suggested, it should be exact on any FPU 
designed by a mentally sane person.
> The one change I would recommend, however, is to replace the
> #include <stdlib.h> with "extern void abort(void);" which makes
> the test self contained, and easier to debug in gdb.
> Ok for mainline, with that change.


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