[PATCH]: PR29066 ptrmemfunc_vbit_in_delta is broken

Ryan Mansfield rmansfield@qnx.com
Tue Nov 14 01:39:00 GMT 2006

Mark Mitchell wrote:
> Ryan Mansfield wrote:
>>Is the attached patch OK?
> You should submit a ChangeLog entry with every patch.  It's a bit of a
> formality, but it helps reviewers.  Also, do you have an FSF copyright
> on file?  I see you've contributed a couple of documentation patches,
> but this is more substantial, so we need to make sure your paperwork is
> one file.

Is the following sufficient?

> Forwarded From: Ted Teah via RT <copyright-clerk@fsf.org>
>> Hi Graeme,
>> QNX employees are cleared to contribute to binutils, gdb, and gcc.
>> All the best,
>> Theodore Teah
>> Assignment Administrator
>> Free Software Foundation
>> 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor
>> Boston, MA 02110
>> Phone +1-617-542-5942
>> Fax +1-617-542-2652

> This is the right idea -- but I don't think we want to return early
> here.  If you look down further in the function, you can see there is
> special handling for templates, for example; we want to get to that
> point.  So, please arrange things so that we can fall through to that
> code.  (You can have op0 be something like "pfn == 0 && (delta & 1) ==
> 0", and then have op1 be "0" or "1".)

Okay, I've made that change. Which g++.dg subdir should the new test 
case go in? I just picked 'other' because I wasn't sure.

Thank you for all your help.


Ryan Mansfield

2006-11-13  Ryan Mansfield  <rmansfield@qnx.com>

         PR c++/29066
         * typeck.c (build_binary_op):  Fix pointer to member function
         comparison for ptrmemfunc_vbit_in_delta targets.

2006-11-13  Ryan Mansfield  <rmansfield@qnx.com>

         PR c++/29066
         * g++.dg/other/pr29066.c: New.

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