[patch] ppc64 native target for gcc

Jack Howarth howarth@bromo.msbb.uc.edu
Sun Nov 12 01:08:00 GMT 2006

   The powerpc64-apple-darwin8 target/host shows no regressions
for the c, c++ and fortran languages compared to the -m64 make check
of the powerpc-apple-darwin8 target/host from a multilib build.
The only oddity was the appearance of...

XPASS: gcc.dg/cpp/cmdlne-dI-M.c scan-file (^|\\n)cmdlne-dI-M.*:[^\\n]*cmdlne-dI-M.c
XPASS: gcc.dg/cpp/cmdlne-dM-M.c scan-file (^|\\n)cmdlne-dM-M[^\\n]*:[^\\n]*cmdlne-dM-M.c

which apparently occurs on the powerpc64-*-linux target/host as well.
Nice job, Eric.

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