[PING][PATCH]: multilib fixes for fortran and java

Jack Howarth howarth@bromo.msbb.uc.edu
Sat Nov 11 01:49:00 GMT 2006

   Can I get a review from someone with global commit rights


The natural candidate is Geoff since this patch represents
a completion of his addition of the multi.m4 changes from...


...so that the fortran and java languages can be built
as multilib on a G4 Darwin PPC machine. Also, the fix
that this patch achieves can only be tested on Darwin PPC
since it is the only platform building a 32-bit native
compiler with a 64-bit multilib on 32-bit processors
(that I know of).
   I believe this should go in both gcc trunk and 4.2
branch since it fixes the following regression. The gcc
4.2 release now builds multilib by default and causes
a build failure on 32-bit PPC processor machine unless
an additional flag, --disable-multilib, is passed to
configure. This compares to gcc 4.1.1 which doesn't
require any additional flags to be passed to configure.

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