[patch] misc bswap fixes

Eric Christopher echristo@apple.com
Mon Nov 6 21:27:00 GMT 2006

> Not really. The operating mode depends on the name of the register:
>  4004b0:       0f cf                   bswap  %edi
>  4004c0:       48 0f cf                bswap  %rdi
> The later form is REX extended form, operating on REX register.

Nifty. No one mentioned this when it was approved back when...
> BTW: You forgot to add appropriate "type" attribute in order to  
> calculate correct length. ATM, "type" defaults to unknown, resulting  
> in:
>        bswap   %edi    # 11    bswapsi2        [length = 16]
> and
>        bswap   %rdi    # 8     bswapdi2        [length = 16]

Same with this. thanks for noticing.

> No problem, I'll do it as a follow-up to your patch.

Awesome, don't forget to add the middle end and libgcc support :)


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