Is "make bootstrap" known to be broken on mainline?

Brooks Moses
Mon Nov 6 21:14:00 GMT 2006

Mike Stump wrote:
> On Nov 6, 2006, at 12:34 AM, Brooks Moses wrote:
>>A couple of days ago, I tried to do a "make bootstrap" on an up-to- 
>>date copy of mainline, on a freshly-installed Debian Linux machine.
> Longer term, would be nice for  
> you to file a bug report for this, and for someone to contribute  
> patches to fixincludes glibc for your system.  If you want to to try  
> your hand at it, see Geoff's latest fix to fixincludes and add/ 
> enhance those to fix your glibc.  You might want to include the  
> relevant header from your system into the PR, so that others that can  
> fix it, but don't have your system, can try their hand at it.

Thanks!  Looks like conversations crossed in the middle, though -- I 
just found out that the fixincludes patch that Richard Guenther posted 
for his glibc 2.3 machine also fixes mine.  :)

- Brooks

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