[PING][PATCH] PR29122: ICE with -ipa-cp and -m64

Razya Ladelsky RAZYA@il.ibm.com
Mon Nov 6 11:37:00 GMT 2006



This patch updates DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME and DECL_RTL correctly for 
the new version created.
This fixes the calls to the new versioned functions, fixing PR#29122

Honza helped a lot with debugging and provided this patch, thanks!

:ADDPATCH middle-end:

Bootstrapped/regtested on ppc-linux and i686-linux, 
OK for mainline4.3 and 4.2 branch?

2006-10-29  Razya Ladklesky  <razya@il.ibm.com>
                 PR tree-optimization/29122
                 * tree-inline.c (tree_function_versioning): Update 
               for the new version.  Assign NULL to DECL_RTL of the new 

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