Fix type_info comparison for ARM EABI

Benjamin Kosnik
Mon Nov 6 10:28:00 GMT 2006

> 2006-11-01  Joseph Myers  <>
> 	* libsupc++/typeinfo (__GXX_TYPEINFO_EQUALITY_INLINE): Define.
> 	Use instead of __GXX_MERGED_TYPEINFO_NAMES to condition inline
> 	definitions.
> 	* libsupc++/ (operator==): Condition on
> 	to determine algorithm.
> 	* libsupc++/ (type_info::before): Likewise.

This seems confused to me. It is possible that I am the one confused.

I would like to see better documentation for these new macros and what
you are trying to accomplish. Specifically, I'd like to see documentation on


and how they inter-relate, and what problem you are trying to solve.
This should be added as comments in the code.


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