'lots of little changes' merge done

Geoffrey Keating geoffk@apple.com
Sat Nov 4 05:25:00 GMT 2006

On 03/11/2006, at 7:13 PM, Roger Sayle wrote:

> Hi Geoff,
> I'd hoped someone else would report this so I wouldn't be the bearer
> of bad news.  But the following hunk appears to have broken the  
> default
> bootstrap on i386-apple-darwin8.8.1 for me.
> On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Geoffrey Keating wrote:
>> 	* config/darwin.h (LINK_COMMAND_SPEC): Don't do weird things with  
>> -@.
>> 	Call dsymutil when compiling and linking one or more source files
>> 	in one step.
> Many thanks to Andrew Pinski on IRC for helping to identify the
> problematic bit.
> On my recent x86/darwin system, this change causes the build to break
> during configuration of libintl during stage2.  One of the configure
> checks attempts "checking for C compiler default output file name..."
> which then fails, reporting that the C compiler cannot create  
> executables.
> The cause of the failure is that attempting to compile a minimal test
> program such as
> int main() { return 0; }
> with prev-gcc/xgcc -Bprev-gcc -O2 -g -fomit-frame-pointer main.c
> triggers the fatal error message:
> ERROR: No debug map or DWARF data was found to link.
> presumably from dsymutil.
> ld -v reports my version as
> Apple Computer, Inc. version cctools-622.3.obj~2
> and dsymutil -v reports
> @(#)PROGRAM:dsymutil  PROJECT:dwarfutils-22  DEVELOPER:root   
> BUILT:Jul  1
> 2006 19:28:59
> Many thanks to Andrew for suggesting that a work around is to avoid
> compiling and linking in a single step, using -c to generate an object
> file, and then linking that.  Unfortunately, this confirms the source
> of the problem, but it isn't a reasonable fix for use in "configure".
> Is it possible to add a new configure test to check whether a suitable
> version of dsymutil exists on a machine?  Is there a particular  
> version
> of cctools/xcode that I need to upgrade or downgrade to?

You need dwarf_utilities-25, I think.  I'm not sure where to get it  
from for Tiger, I will inquire. It should be in the next Leopard seed  
(if you have access to Leopard seeds).  In the meantime, you can  
avoid the problem by copying /bin/true into your path as 'dsymutil';  
the problem with that, or an autoconf test or whatever, is that if  
you say 'gcc -g t.c -g -o t', debugging won't work.

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