[patch] bootstrap failure in obj-c++

fjahanian fjahanian@apple.com
Fri Nov 3 15:59:00 GMT 2006

On Nov 2, 2006, at 4:35 PM, Andrew Pinski wrote:

>>> This is obvious as cp_finish_file is named
>>> cp_write_global_declarations
>>> and is called via LANG_HOOKS_WRITE_GLOBALS.
>> Well, actually, they are both wrong, or at least incomplete.  The
>> effect is to move metadata writing up earlier, thus breaking things.
>> This is wrong.  Geoff, did you build obj-c++?  Did you test it?
>> Fariborz tells me that the testsuite should catch such things.
> I did run the testsuite on powerpc-darwin after this patch and I got
> the same results as before the other patch except for one small
> testsuite bug which I was  going to commit when I got home tonight.

Mainline test suite does not have the objective-c++ specific tests  
which expose the problem. I sent a patch a while back (one month ago  
with an objective-c++ test case). Try that test case.

- Fariborz

> Thanks,
> Andrew Pinski

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